EML Reader


Secured Freeware to Open & Read EML Files without Using Outlook & Outlook Express

Microsoft has developed EML file format for the purpose of archiving and storing emails in Outlook and Outlook Express email clients. Although, EML file format is not globally accepted by each and every email program. So, if you don’t have the supported platform installed on your machine, then you would find certain difficulty in accessing the retrieved file.

However, there is an alternate solution through which you can smoothly open and read the email-message without actually installing the respective email program.

To be more specific, imagine a scenario where you have received an e-mail message on your Entourage or Mac Mail mailbox. Unfortunately, you cannot directly open and read EML file on these email programs and also, you don’t want to install the application just to read a single message. Then, here comes the role of EML reader – that provides you the freedom to open and access EML file data immediately and at free of cost.

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EML Viewer is a completely free and secure EML Reader that provides the sheer flexibility to open and read EML file data without actually installing Outlook or Outlook Express.

List of Exclusive Features:

  • Standalone EML Reader: This program is designed to work independently, and therefore it eliminates the dependency on Outlook or Outlook Express email program to view EML file information.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The EML Reader has interactive and self-descriptive environment, empowered by its GUI design that intends to offer effortless working even for non-technical users.
  • Automatic Scanning: The freeware is integrated with “advanced settings” feature to quickly scan and enlist all the EML files available in the selected root file/folder. It is possible using Recurse sub-folder option that extracts the existing EML files with the associated root folder. This feature is super-handy at times, when you are not aware of the exact file location and want to escape from time-wastage in searching the file manually.
  • In-depth Previewing: The tool offers dedicated preview pane to view EML files in details. You can accordingly select the folders/items that you wish to read.
  • Filter Option: This EML Reader also facilitates the option to sort the data based upon different email parameters like from, to, date/time, subject and folder. These fields help you to apply filters and view specific file items accordingly.
  • Save in HTML Format: Once you have accessed the EML file data, and want to store it for future use, then you can conveniently save in HTML file format. This option lets you to save on the desired destination on your computer hard-drive, and lets you to open it easily anytime without any software-dependency.

EML Viewer can smoothly open EML files of any version of Outlook Express including 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, and 4.0. Also, it is easily downloadable on all versions of Microsoft Windows platform, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, and 95.

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